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Education is a gateway to success

The programme employs the use of Jolly phonics method of teaching English language, Raz-plus literacy program, Susan Jones teaching and other teaching resources from teachers pay teachers.  

      Learning the alphabet:
The pupils are taught to recognise, pronounce and write the 26 alphabets in English language, various strategies and materials are used.

Phonics: Once the pupils can recognise, pronounce and write the English alphabets, the next unit is to teach them phonic sounds and the corresponding graphemes.  We adopt the jolly phonic letter sound sequence in teaching the individual sounds of each letter.

            •  s a t i p n
            • Ck e h r m d
            • g o u l f b
            • ai j oa ie ee or
            • z w ng v oo oo
            • y x ch sh th th
            • qu ou oi ue er ar

 From the above arrangement, the sounds consisting of single consonant and vowel sounds, digraphs and vowel teams are grouped into seven different categories. In teaching these letter sounds, the pupils are engaged in phonological and phonemic skills:

        • Syllables
        • Onset rime
        • Beginning sound
        • Middle sound
        • Ending sound
        • Blending
        • Segmenting phonemes

Adding phonemes

Deleting phonemes

Substituting phonemes

By the end of teaching this unit, majority of the pupils would have been able to read and write consonant vowel consonant words (CVC) and consonant vowel consonant vowel words (CVCe) such as sat, pat, fat, bag, sit, cot, tap, man, run, leg, feet, hit, set, ten nest e.t.c

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Philipanna Foundation complements the efforts of state ministries of education in Nigeria, to improve the literacy rate in rural areas, which is intends to achieve through language intervention programmes.


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